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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

2013 - Allen & Ginter - One of a Kind

Topps have not provided a checklist for this sub-set. These cards are numbered for reference purposes only. 
Do you know of any cards not listed here????

  1. OAK-CEC.  The Cave of El Castillo
  2. OAK-CTH.  The Catch (Willie Mays)
  3. OAK-DNA.  DNA Strand 
  4. OAK-DV.  Death Valley
  5. OAK-GCV.  Grover Cleveland
  6. OAK-GF.  Gerald Ford
  7. OAK-GSG.  The Great Sphinx of Giza 
  8. OAK-HD.  Hope Diamond
  9. OAK-JBB.  Jiaozhou Bay Bridge
  10. OAK-LS.  Lake Superior
  11. OAK-ME.  Mount Everest
  12. OAK-MEI.  The Moai of Easter Island
  13. OAK-RS.  The Rosetta Stone 
  14. OAK-SH.  Stonehenge
  15. OAK-TB.  Tower Bridge
  16. OAK-TT.  Titanic
  17. OAK-??.  The Bible
  18. OAK-??.  The Great Wall of China
  19. OAK-??.  The Magna Carta

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