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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

2012 Allen & Ginter - Guys in Hats

It seems that Topps' artists used actual photos of eminent people to create this set of cards - 6 have been identified so far, but I haven't yet been able to confirm GH-3 as J. Edgar Hoover...

GH-1.  The Bowler - Butch Cassidy
GH-2.  The Boater
GH-3.  The Fedora - J. Edgar Hoover
GH-4.  The Fez - His Majesty King Fuad I of Egypt and Sudan
GH-5.  The Pith Helmet
GH-6.  The Top Hat - Winston Churchill
GH-7.  The Mortarboard - Linus Pauling (biochemist, two-time Nobel Prize winner), from a graduation photo taken in 1922 
GH-8.  The Flat Cap
GH-9.  The Garrison Cap
GH-10.  The Bicorne - Napoleon Bonaparte

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